Taking the first step on the Toastmaster journey

Andrew Newman, Barbara Otibu, Kosi Segbedzi

Joining Toastmasters is like embarking on a journey. It can as short or as long as you like. Some members join, stay till they get their CC then leave. Others join,  and never leave.  Whatever your motive for joining, the journey always begins with the IceBreaker, the speech where you introduce yourself to the club and where your speaking strengths and areas for improvement are identified. 



On Thursday, the club hosted a speech marathon.  We had 3 Icebreakers , 1 CC2 and a CC10.  It was the first speech marathon the club had run, the first time we had 3 Icebreakers in one evening and the first time the Icebreakers were all from African members.  Kosi began by telling us I Hate Football, Barbara spoke about Childhood Dreams, and Andrew explained the different areas of his life in Facets Of Life.

If the Icebreaker is the start of the Toastmaster journey, completing the CC manual is the first milestone.  On Thursday, David Calder achieved his first milestone when he delivered his 10th speech in the CC manual, Reading The Stones

Between the IceBreaker and the CC, there are stops along the way, each building upon the skills leaned in the previous speech.  David Dick had already delivered his IceBreaker and survived, and on Thursday he delivered  his second speech in the CC manual, Edinburgh’s Residential Property Market

Having 5 speeches, 5 evaluations, the usual role players introducing themselves and giving their reports at the end, is a feat of time management for the TME.  Neil MacLure was the TME on Thursday and managed to guide us through the speeches and evaluations at an easy and realxed pace  with time for a 15 minute break for tea, coffee and cakes.  

The next meeting is on Thursday 5th May 7-9pm and the club website is www.waverleycommunicators.org