Midges, Mozart and AGM’s

Club member David Calder (middle) snapped by his wife Penny, delivering another IceBreaker?

15 members and 10 guests attended the club last Thursday.  Stephen Dix was the TME and managed the meeting with a calm assurance which was just as well as, besides having 3 manual speeches, we also conducted the club’s AGM and officer elections for 2011-2012.  Each committee member delivered a 2 minute presentation on what they had done in their committee role throughgout the past year.  The election for club officers went smoothly and all the positions were filled – I will send out the new committee list, to members, in the next few days, by email.

Louise Kirk delivered her second speech in the CC manual. It was called Miles, Mountains and Midges.  She gave a lively, day by day account of walking the West Highland Way with a friend,  in 7 days, through stunning scenery and, at times,  ‘a thick, black swarm of bloodsucking midges’ – the other thing Scotland is famous for, apart from tablet and whisky.   

Kirsten Mckenzie, in her CC7 speech How To Boost Your Brain Power, told us how we can increase our intelligence by listening to classical music, especially Mozart concertos in what is known as ‘The Mozart Effect’. 

Penny Haywood Calder delivered the After Dinner Speech from the advanced manual, The Entertaining Speaker.  Penny’s speech was called The Ratner Effect and in it she took us on a humorous journey, with graphics, of  top business people who have ruined their careers by speaking first and thinking later.  This, of course, would never have happened had they been members of Toastmasters!

After a 10 minute break for tea and biscuits, some of us were back on our feet again for a hilarious session of  Table Topics facilitated by TTM Eileen Scott.

As usual, the evening was enlightening, productive and fun.  The next meeting is on Thursday 2nd June at 7pm at the Central Lending Library, Edinburgh.

Other dates:

This Thursday 26th May, I am conducting a workshop The Power of Ideas and Creativity from Toastmasters Success Communication Series from 6.45pm- 9.30pm at the Central Library.  The session will be interactive and we will explore  8 specific techniques to boost creative thinking and make us more skilful at producing ideas.  It is a FREE event for Toastmasters. For more information or to book your place, email moirabeaton@gmail.com

The Waverley Communicators Annual Dinner and Tall Tales Contest takes place on Saturday 18th June at the Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh. Details have already been sent out to members and for further information, to book or to enter the Tall Tales contest, email moirabeaton@gmail.com

To visit the club website, go to www.waverleycommunicators.org

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