Hot on the heels of our newsletter – Waverley Communicator’s blog is back!

Post written by Johanne Burns, Member

Strictly, the X-Factor

Last Thursday night the judges were not interested in the contestants singing abilities, or how well they could dance the Cha-Cha-Cha. The judges were listening to the speaking abilities of the contestants in the Waverley Communicators humorous speech and table topics contests.

The humorous speech contest began the evening, with Kirsten amusing the audience with her story of setting off a fire alarm in a hotel following one too many drinks, with all the guests being evacuated outside into the rain.

Waverley Communicator’s own Chris Hoy, David, had a few of the audience members grimacing rather than laughing at the thought of middle-aged men wearing tight Lycra cycling shorts.

Getting confused with The X Factor, Pauline began with a song and then projected into the minds of the audience a picture of German Runrig Fans in kilts at a Runrig concert.

Stephen used self-deprecating humour to convey a funny and emotional tale of the struggles experienced by someone with a stutter asking for directions.

The contestant with the X-factor and winner of the humorous speech contest was Paul. He told the audience the unfortunate story of Wayne and his “deferred success” in his chosen career of robbery. Don’t take any advice from Wayne if you would like to commit a crime!

Not a ‘deferred success’

Is it discriminatory to make English students pay university fees in Scotland whilst Scottish students have no fees to pay? This was the political, and topical question posed to our table topics contestants. The opinions and responses were varied. The judges decided that Brian had given strictly the best response, arguing that it is not discrimination and the fees paid by English students would be worth it due to our excellent, world renowned education.

Brian demonstrates the benefits of the Scottish education system

There is no doubt that the competitions were fierce. So if you’re interested in participating next year start preparing now! Perhaps we should have some auditions…


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