And the winner is…

Post written by Johanne Burns, Member

On the 20th of October, Duncan was our genial Toastmaster for the Evening, welcoming everyone to the meeting.

As Joke Master Graeme told a joke about the aptly named “Mr Wolfberg”, a surname that proved to be unfortunate or fortunate depending on the situation…

Guests were asked to introduce themselves and answer the question, what invention could you not live without?  A variety of answers were received including mobile phones, alarm clocks and a toothbrush!

The evening’s speeches were two impressive icebreakers.

Laura began her Toastmaster’s journey with her speech entitled “Dancing Queen”.  Laura talked about the variety of different dance styles she has tried over her life, from ballroom to ballet and even pole dancing!  Laura hopes that she will remain dancing in years to come.

Very positive comments were given by Finlay who was evaluating.  He pointed out that Laura’s talk was clearly structured and she did not hide behind the lectern or show any nervous ticks.  He gave a helpful recommendation for all our members, suggesting that we consider using mind maps to write and structure a speech instead of notes.

Linda was next with her speech entitled “Facing My Fears”.  As a young girl Linda lived in Devon and was very adventurous.  Until one day she got lost in the copse and the fear from that day has gone on to define who Linda is today.  Linda also talked about her varied career including posts as a police officer and social worker before going in to information technology.

Brian was second evaluator and commented on Linda’s confidence, clarity of voice, and pace which aided Linda taking the audience on a journey with her as she built up her story and kept the audience listening until the end.

During club business Icebreaker ribbons were given to Laura, Linda, Tom and Johanne.  Eileen then told the audience the winners of the District Competition and encouraged members to go along to Flourish 2011, the District 71 Conference to be held in Glasgow from the 11th to 13th of November ( Also those members, who have not yet paid dues, please do so asap!

After the break Graeme introduced the Table Topics session with the theme “Give an acceptance speech”.

  • Johanne was first up winning a Turner Prize for studying the author without a head.
  • Tom won police officer of the year.
  • At the MOBO awards, Melanie won Best Album for Vision.
  • Across the globe in Oslo, Andrew won a Nobel Prize for his involvement in Economics. And also the Toastmasters International table topics ribbon.
  • Louise won the Slimmer of the Year Award.
  • Paul was awarded in recognition of his public service as a Traffic Warden.
  • At the Oscars, Best Performance by an Actor went to David for his leading role in the Michael Jackson Story.
  • And Vlad won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award for endurance sleeping!
  • Finally, the award for Toastmaster of the evening went to Duncan!

A very good evening was had by all.

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