Contest Update

Capital Communicators hosted the Area 30 2011 Humorous Speech and Table Topic Contests at Premier Inn, Haymarket on Sunday 9th October.

The Table Topic Contest began the afternoon with the question:

“Knowing what you know now, what careers advice would you give to your 12-year-old self?”

The answers varied.

• Do something you want to do, not what you’re forced to do.

• At 12-year-old, have a magical view of what you want to do.

• Live your dream.

• Pay attention to your heart and listen to your dreams.

• Don’t worry about money. Make a choice and go for a career. Choose something you want to do.

• Make sure you’ve got a plan. Plan your work and work your plan.

The Humorous Speech Contest followed after a break, beginning with a talk entitled “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”.

The audience then heard about the importance of proper rehearsal and not wearing high heels on wet grass during “Lessons from an American Wedding”, prior to hearing about the experiences of being ‘Scotnish’, a mix of Spanish and Scottish from an expat Spaniard living in Scotland.

We then heard from Waverley Communicators Paul Bailey, who came third in his first Area contest with his story of Olivia and Wayne’s “deferred success”. Well done Paul!

Paul non-deferred success

And the winners, representing Area 30 at the Division E Contest in Manchester were…

• The Table Topics Contest was won by Renee Philippi from Capital Communicators.

• First place in the Humorous speech contest went to Andy Kinloch, also from Capital Communicators –subject of his speech is top secret, we don’t want to give the competition any clues!

Breaking news – both Andy and Renee won the Division E contests, so they will both be representing Division E at the District 71 contest finals at the Flourish Conference in November. Congratulations from everyone at Waverley Communicators.

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