Club meeting 26th July 2012

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

Waverley’s first Competent Communicator of the new year 

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Club President, Brian Duffy, presents member Stephen Dix with his Competent Communicator award

It’s always  a special moment in a Toastmasters club when a member delivers their 10th and last speech in the Competent Communicator Manual.

Some members, when they first join, can’t imagine being able to deliver one speech, or even just standing up to introduce themselves.  

The Toastmasters programme is based on going at your own pace, one step at a time, and building up your skills.

On Thursday, Stephen Dix delivered his 10th speech and became a Competent Communicator.  

Stephen joined the club in November 2009 because he wanted to overcome a speech impediment and also to become more assertive.

I have had a stammer for as long as can remember and I could never have imagined myself speaking to an audience before joining the Waverley club.

Since joining, Stephen has thrown himself  into the Toastmaster experience, visiting clubs all over the UK, sitting on our club committee for 3 consecutive  years, attending speech contests and sponsoring the newly formed Haymarket Toastmasters in Edinburgh.

It was through a chance meeting at a Toastmasters contest that Stephen first heard about the McGuire Programme for stammerers.  He credits this programme and the opportunity to regularly practise speaking at Toastmasters for transforming his voice over the past year.

I have become a much more confident speaker and now I can actually enjoy the experience of giving a presentation instead of being paralysed by the thought of addressing a room full of people.

When once he was too terrified to speak, now he can’t stop. No problem – there are 15 advanced manuals to keep him talking for a while.

Congratulations Stephen!

The Meeting

public speaking, speaking, speeches, training, Edinburgh, Toastmasters, Toastmasters International, Waverley Communicators, leadership, soft skillsJohanne Burns was the Toastmaster of the Evening, assisted by Claire Dipnarine as Ah Counter; Richard McMahon as Timer; Neil MacLure as wordmaster/grammarian; and Pauline Dix as General Evaluator. 

Neil’s word of the day was ‘dearth’ which means ‘lack of’.

There was no dearth of guests, members, humour, good speeches, hilarious table topics, skilful evaluations, lively chat during the break and of course, cookies and cake.   In other words, another successful meeting.


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