Video – Moving And Speaking

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

To Move or Not To Move, That Is The Question

Darren La Croix was the winner of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest in 2001.  I have listened to many of  his videos and also have some of  his material. 

He explains things in a clear, simple way and he’s funny.  He also makes his video tips short and succinct.

Here is one of Darren’s videos that dropped into my email Inbox a few days ago.

It’s one of the best explanations I have seen of when to move, how to move and how to elegantly  transition from one point to another. 

He also illustrates his points with clips from his winning speech – all this in 4 mins. 22 secs.

If you find this useful (or not), leave a comment.


  1. Useful advice which makes it clear when to speak whilst moving across a stage. I will try to incorporate in future speeches at the club, when I wish to transition between two main points or when I am expressing a point of view from another person’s perspective.

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