Club Meeting 23rd August 2012

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

L to R Brian Duffy-President, Eileen Scott-IPP, Kevin Lee-Area 30 Governor

If you had been at Waverley Communicators last night, you would have heard (and chanted) the famous All Blacks haka; improved your knowledge of word derivation; learned how to use big business tactics to improve your small business; and even put on your own Festival Fringe show.

Duncan Thompson was the Toastmaster and he was assisted by Pauline Dix on the Ah Counter’s buzzer; Kim Lau on the timing cards; and Brian Duffy who was on the ball, looking out for good grammar and grammatical slip ups; vivid use of language; and tired cliches (such as the one I just used) and too much jargon. His word of the day was ‘Discipline’. 

Claire Dipnarine gave the invocation – a poem, Handwriting On The Wall.

Ritchie Brown, the first speaker offered small business advice in his CC3 (Get to the point) speech Three Fundamental Forces of Industry, evaluated by David Dick.

Richard McMahon loves words and illuminated the origins of words in his CC4 (How to say it) speech Gobbledygook…hopefully not, evaluated by Paul Bailey

Kevin McKay introduced us to the origins of the Haka, with full audience participation, in the first project in the Entertaining Speaker manual – The Entertaining Speech, I May Die. Kevin’s speech was evaluated by Stephen Dix.

After all that chanting, we needed the 10 minute break! Thanks to Stephen for the homemade fruit cake and Moira for the homemade stem ginger biscuits.

Then, with the sound of the Edinburgh Festival revellers outside, the Table Topics Master, Eileen Scott introduced a festival theme into the topics.

She asked members to publicise their own festival show. The catch? Eileen told us what the show was called, a few seconds before members had to speak.  There’s still time to go and see the shows and here they are:

Johanne Burns presented In my handbag – darkly; Graeme Buck tried to sell us Santa’s dead and we killed him; Neil Maclure wanted us to join the Urban Wurzels; Kevin Lee’s show was called Gagging Order; and Stephen Dix was the Elastic Band Boy.

I had the great pleasure of being the TT Evaluator and, although, all the speakers had been very persuasive in trying to sell their shows, I gave the Best TT Ribbon to Kevin Lee.

Kevin, very elegantly, delivered his entire Table Topic in mime, involved the audience and even got the TT Master Eileen up on the floor in a waltz.  Congratulations Kevin!

Club Business – Brian Duffy, Club President reminded us of the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest on 6th September. If you are not competing or helping to run the contest, please come to the meeting and boost the audience.

The sound of more than one hand clapping does wonders for the contestants morale. 

Brian also reminded us that the club has to move premises at the end of September and the committee will be looking at a new venue, near Waverley Station, in the next week.  Check the blog and Facebook page for updates.

The Area 30 Governor, Kevin Lee, presented the club with the Select Distinguished Club ribbon for achieving 7 DCP points last year.  For helping members to achieve the points thanks go to the committee of 2011-2012 – Eileen Scott-President; Louise Kirk-VPE; Stephen Dix-VPM; Brian Duffy-VPPR; Kevin Miller-Treasurer; Duncan Thompson-SAA; Kirsten McKenzie-Secretary; Moira Beaton-Immediate Past President.

At the end of the meeting, the General Evaluator, Kirsten McKenzie evaluated the meeting and anything and anyone who had not been evaluated already. 

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