Club Meeting 1 November 2012

Louise Kirk
Toastmaster of the Evening

Louise Kirk was the TME, assisted by new member Kirsty Urquhart, in her inaugural role as Timer; Patrick Bundy, taking on the Wordmaster/Grammarian role for the first time; and Laura Longley, a visiting Toastmaster from the USA as Ah Counter.

Aideen O’Malley delivering her CC3 speech “Speak Their Language”

Aideen O’Malley invited us to Speak Their Language. In a CC3 speech, Aideen spoke to the audience about the many advantages of learning a foreign language, especially when going on holiday. Aideen’s speech was evaluated by Ritchie Brown.

Duncan Thompson delivering his CC6 speech “Advise”

Duncan Thompson delivered a CC6 speech Advise.  In his speech Duncan remembered all the times he had been given advice – good and bad. David Dick evaluated Duncan’s speech.

Graeme Buck

Graeme Buck in his CC9 speech Fight That Lizard!, persuaded us to be less judgemental when dealing with others.  Moira Beaton was the evaluator.


Kevin Lee
Area 30 Governor

Twice a year the Area Governors pay 2 official visits to the clubs in their area. On Thursday, we had the privilege of welcoming this year’s Area 30 Governor, one of own members, Kevin Lee, to the club in his official capacity when he addressed the club during club business.

After the break, Claire Dipnarine facilitated Table Topics in first time as Table Topics Master. 

As usual, the Table Topics provided an opportunity for members to try out their impromptu speaking skills and reveal a little about themselves.

Paul Bailey told the audience what he would do if he were Prime Minister; Stephen Dix was given 3 wishes by a genie; Kim Lau was transformed into an author of a book on positive psychology; and brand new member Alex Nuth spoke about children’s toys.

Eileen Scott was the Table Topics evaluator (drafted in at the last minute) and awarded the ribbon for best Table Topic to Alex Nuth. Congratulations Alex!

The evening was evaluated by GE, Johanne Burns.

Next meeting is on 15th November 2012.

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

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