Toastmasters Waverley Communicators Meeting 13th December 2012

Our Toastmaster of the evening of was Moira Beaton who got things off to an energetic start.

The first prepared speaker was one of new members, Malcolm Kelly, who told a fabulous joke about how angels came to be on the top of Christmas trees. For those who could not make it, I will leave that one to your imagination!

There were three prepared speeches the first from Fiona Savage.  Fiona gave her ice breaker speech which is the first speech from the competent communicator manual.  Her speech was entitled “Down Memory Lane”.

Fiona Savage Ice Breaker Speech
Fiona Savage Ice Breaker Speech

Fiona gave an enthralling speech about her childhood growing up in Dumfriesshire at her home by the sea.  Her speech was heartfelt and at times hilarious.

I then delivered speech number nine from the competent communicator manual entitled “Apply Within”.  My speech was all about the benefits of being a committee member at Toastmasters.

Our third speech of the evening was by Stephen Dix.  Stephen did his first speech from the speciality speeches manual.  Stephen had to speak off the cuff about a subject selected randomly and his subject was stuttering.  Stephen gave a fantastic speech about the McGuire technique and his personal experience.  A very inspirational speech.  To learn more about this

Stephen Dix
Stephen Dix

Club Business

Congratulations to Fiona Savage on her ice breaker speech!

Welcome to our new member Ivor Fennell.

New Member Ivor Fennell
New Member Ivor Fennell

Table Topics (impromptu speaking)

Our table topics master this week was Kim Lau.  The table topics were all around the prediction of the end of the world on 21/12/12.  There were some very funny topics from “no more Christmas shopping to do” to “heaven no vacancies”.  The winner of best table topic was Graeme Buck, well done Graeme.

Special thanks to the guests who attended: James Davidson, Lindsey Young and Phil Ashdown.  We hope to see you at another meeting soon.

Kirsten McKenzie


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