Waverley Communicators Tall Tales Contest 23rd June 2013

The Tall Tales Contest attracted 8 contestants last Friday at the Annual Awards Dinner.

They had to tell a story which was either true or false and the contestant who managed to dupe the most number of audience members won.

Ritchie Brown presents Stephen Dix with the Tall Tales prize.
Ritchie Brown presents Stephen Dix with the Tall Tales prize.

Stephen Dix was the winner . He told a story about how he fulfilled a boyhood dream recently when he drove a steam engine in Poland. The story was FALSE but Stephen managed to convince enough of the audience that it was true and won first prize.

Duncan Thompson tried to make us believe, in the 1970’s, he was a member of a rock band.  He was very convincing but unfortunately, Duncan’s story turned out to be FALSE.

David Dick had the best opening line of the evening – ‘A hedgehog ate my garden shed’. And better still, it was TRUE!

A teenage Eileen Scott dyed her friend’s hair during a water shortage and ended up rinsing out the dye with water from her dad’s fish tank. TRUE.

Kirsty Urquhart once won a Harley Davidson in a raffle. Unfortunately for Kirsty, there was no Harley Davidson -her story was FALSE.

Paul Bailey told us about the time he was playing golf and a fox ran off with his golf ball. Due to a misunderstanding of the rules, Paul was suspended from the club for 3 months. It never happened – Paul’s story was FALSE.

Anna Maria Macejuk enthusiastically described a holiday in Spain when, due to a mix up in accommodation arrangements, she and her friend had to sleep on park benches and the beach. Uncomfortable and TRUE.

I tried to convince the audience that, when I lived in the Saudi desert, I went to lunch and came home with a camel. Fortunately, my story was FALSE.

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, VPPR (Elect)

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