Club Meeting 3rd October 2013

Twenty-two members and ten guests attended our meeting yesterday evening.

 P1050253Louise Kirk was our Toastmaster of the Evening, helped by her team of role-players:

P1050258Timer (Gopal Lama), Ah Counter (Graeme Buck) and Wordmaster/Grammarian (Ross McCallum).

P1050265P1050261The Jokemaster is like the warm-up act, the bridge between the introductions and the main speeches. P1050264Duncan Thompson told us a joke about Chinese Juice and although the punch line induced a few groans from the audience, Duncan’s delivery and comic timing was spot on.


Patrick Bundy’s Dismal Railway Journeys of Scotland (CC4 – Mind Your Language) was more a catalogue of disasters that seem to befall Patrick whenever he travels by train – and that’s just in Scotland.


Alex Nuth, also delivering her CC4 began even before the meeting using alliteration and a triad in her title – Bed Sock, Bike lights and Blackberries.  Alex took us on a descriptive, nostalgic trip through autumn, blackberry picking (and eating), and jam making.


Brian Duffy evaluated Patrick’s speech; and Moira Beaton evaluated Alex’s speech.


P1050263After the break, Table Topics Master Richard McMahon claimed to have been looking at our diaries. Each topic began with ‘Dear Diary, today I woke up and…’  which gave members and guests scope to flex their imaginations and tell personal stories.


Zahra Yarosan gave a balanced evaluation of each speaker and awarded the Best TT ribbon to Duncan Thompson.


General Evaluator, Ritchie Brown, evaluated the whole evening and offered a few suggestions for improvement.


Club Business was conducted by the President Kevin Miller who congratulated the three club members, Moira Beaton, Eileen Scott and Paul Bailey for representing the club at the recent Area 30 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests in Linlithgow. Kevin also announced that Moira and Eileen would go to the next round, Division S Contest, in Dundee on 13th October, and invited everyone to attend to support them. He also invited members, who have not renewed their membership, to pay their six monthly dues to the Treasurer, Ross McCallum.


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