First Waverley Communicators Meeting of 2014

YorkPlace_barIf you weren’t at the first club meeting of 2014 in our new venue at the 28 York Place Hotel, you missed yourself.

When the hotel told us that our room was booked that evening and we would have to hold the meeting in a smaller room, we didn’t expect it to be quite as small.

That’s why at the start of the meeting there were thirty-five people crammed into a room the size of a large cupboard, some standing, some sitting on the floor.

But as ever, Waverley members rose to the occasion and, in the first half, we had role introductions; an invocation; three speeches; three evaluations and club business.

When the TME, Duncan Thompson announced the break, we gathered up the guests and our equipment and, with seamless efficiency, moved down the corridor into our new venue (the proper room) in time for tea and coffee.

The hotel staff were friendly and helpful and realising our predicament, managed to turn the room around in just under ten minutes.

By the end of the break club members had put up the banner, arranged the lectern, had tea, eaten all the biscuits and were ready for the second half.

After a round of Table Topics and the roleplayers reports, we ended the meeting and some of us moved upstairs to the hotel’s cosy bar which we had to ourselves.

The slight glitch with the room obviously didn’t put the guests off as three who were at the meeting, two for the first time, have now joined.

The last time we had to think on our feet and act quickly was a few years ago when we could not hold the meeting in our usual venue, the Central Library, because of a power cut.

Fortunately, it was the middle of summer, so we walked down to the Meadows and held the meeting there.

The ‘stage’ was a tree stump, the seating was the grass. We conducted a full two-hour meeting, much to the amusement and amazement of the cyclists, walkers, dog owners and random assortment of people taking advantage of an unusually warm and dry summer evening in Edinburgh.

Our next meeting is on 23rd January at 7pm in the 28 York Place Hotel (directions here) downstairs in the Milne Room (the big one). We hope to see you there.

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM

Vice President Public Relations

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