Ritchie Brown: Competent Communicator

004Congratulations to our first Competent Communicator of 2014 – Ritchie Brown CC.

With a speech How To Be More Like The Germans Ritchie completed speech 10 in the CC manual to achieve his award.

Ritchie delivered his speech at the last meeting, in spite of being in a small, hot room (see the last post), with confidence. He was relaxed, smiling and, throughout, appeared to be enjoying himself.

His connection with the audience was apparent from the start and he used humour, steady eye contact and inclusive language to achieve this.

The CC10 speech is a landmark for members as, by the time they reach CC10, they are supposed to have learned the basic skills in the nine preceding projects.

Ritchie demonstrated that since he joined the club, he had been diligently building on the skills learned in each project until he was able to deliver a speech that showed all of them off to advantage.

Club President Kevin Miller congratulated Ritchie on his award, presented him with his CC certificate and invited him to a meeting of Scotland’s advanced speakers club – Thistle Speakers – which, as an advanced speaker, Ritchie is now eligible to join.

Also as an advanced speaker, Ritchie can deliver speeches from any of the fifteen advanced manuals and work towards Toastmasters International advanced awards – ACB (bronze), ACS (silver), ACG (gold). There’s no end to it!

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM

Vice President Public Relations

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