Being ‘evaluated’ -and how I felt: Gopal Lama

Gopal Lama

Gopal Lama – on being evaluated. To read Alex’s evaluation of Gopal’s speech, go here.

Alex. Thank you for sharing your experience of evaluating my speech.  I found that helpful.

This is my side of the story -my experience of being evaluated.

Normally I don’t like being evaluated. But there is something about the evaluation at Toastmasters that I kind of look forward to after each speech.

This was my third speech.  And each time I have found something useful to take away and try to improve.

I think evaluation at the Toastmasters works well because:

a) Instant Evaluation provided by an experienced club member. This is brilliant. I found your evaluation and my previous speech evaluator’s feedback very useful in making me want to do better next time. Reading your article made me appreciate just how difficult it is to evaluate a speech despite the preparations that I know you’ve put into that role.  So thank you.

b) The speech evaluation slip. I love this. The breadth of opinions and different perspectives are so helpful in understanding how a speech can be perceived by different people. I remember the night after my first speech, coming home and spending a lot of time reading each feedback.  Sometimes these feedbacks can be conflicting. But I really appreciate it when people take time to explain their opinion.

c) Informal feedback during the break:  A few members wanted to know about volunteering in Nepal [that I talked about in my speech] during the coffee break. Similarly some still remember my previous speeches about happiness etc. These conversations are great motivators and there is something powerful in such organic discussions that can encourage and enlighten.

Standing up to speak is not easy and then waiting for 3 minutes while others are writing comments on your work can be difficult. And hearing recommendations in public can be hard. However, your article shows just how much it takes to evaluate a speech.

This makes me think Toastmasters works well because of all that we collectively put into it -through the different roles and supportive interactions with each other.

Post written by Gopal Lama

Member Waverley Communicators

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