Waverley Communicators Table Topics Contest 2014

Neil MacLure, President of Waverley Communicators, chaired the Table Topics Contest.

The table topics question posed to contestants was:

“You have unlimited magical powers and you arrange a magical mystery tour for us, your fellow Toastmasters. What would you like us to experience on this magical mystery tour?”

Moira Beaton spoke of visiting places in Edinburgh and Glasgow. During her interview with Neil, she endorsed the saying “Failing is not falling down; failure is not getting up again”.

Eduard Kutas talked about the universe and its construction, and would go on a mystery tour from its beginning to its end. During interview, Eduard talked with Neil about his work with semi-conductors.

Patrick Bundy spoke of flying to the top of Everest (perhaps on a phoenix a-la Harry Potter) for a picnic. Congratulations Patrick on winning the Table Topics Contest. Patrick will now represent Waverley Communicators at the Area Table Topics Contest. During interview, Patrick told Neil of his interest in motor-racing and gardening.


Anna-Maria Maciejuk invited the audience to close their eyes and go on a journey in their mind back to a time that had made them happy. Congratulations Anna-Maria on third place. During interview Anna-Maria told Neil her favourite phrase is ‘Carpe Diem’ – catch significant moments every day.


John Wood had a wide-ranging journey, including visiting the Aztecs and diving beneath the sea. Congratulations John on second place. During interview, John talked with Neil about his belief that absolute power corrupts absolutely, applying it to the world of teaching.


Graeme Buck CC

Johanne Burns VPPR

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