Role of Assistant Division S Governor

This year, I am privileged to be Assistant Division S Governor.

Division S covers Scotland and its clubs, from Aberdeen in the north to Glasgow in the south.

At present, there are nineteen clubs in Division S. Sixteen are chartered, two are pre-charter and one is a non-charter, advanced club – Thistle Speakers. You can see a full list of clubs at

My remit as Assistant Division S Governor is to manage the blog posts at the Division S website, (PSS), and to make the website ‘live and exciting’ (Sheila Fraser, Division S Governor).

The main aim of the PSS website is to spread the word about Toastmasters, especially Toastmasters clubs in Scotland, and attract visitors to the site who, we hope, will become members.

Although the PSS website is an outward-facing site, I would also like it to be a common area where members can read the latest news about other clubs in Scotland, share their experiences and learn from each other.

To keep the website dynamic, it needs to be updated regularly and that’s where the members come in. I’m asking all the clubs to send me their news, their members’ achievements, their events and, most importantly, photographs. Internet surfers gloss over blocks of text but they always stop at a photograph (and read the text beside it), especially if it’s a photograph of people enjoying themselves.

Division S was established in 2013. Since then, new clubs have been set up and, amongst those, we have our first corporate club – State Street, in Edinburgh; and two university clubs – Caledonian Toastmasters in Glasgow and St Andrews Toastmasters in St Andrews.

And we’re still growing. Two more corporate clubs are holding demo meetings in Edinburgh between now and November.

It’s an exciting time for Toastmasters in Scotland and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Moira Beaton DTM

Member of Waverley Communicators

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