A Smorgasbord of Speeches

The meeting on Thursday 13th November was a meeting with a difference. Table topics, which would usually take place during the second part of the evening, were replaced with a second set of three speeches and evaluations, allowing for ‘a speech marathon’.

Beginning the evening was Alvis Lotuzas with his Ice Breaker speech, The icebreaker with no title. Alvis told the audience about his life so far, starting in Lithuania, moving to Scotland, and one day potentially returning to Lithuania.

The second speaker was Dmitrijs Limonovs with his third speech, The theory of broken windows. Dmitrijs spoke about the criminological broken windows theory and how he had applied the theory to his own life. When the first window is broken in our lives, time to act and fix the window, rather than waiting until more and more windows are broken and problems worsen.

Richard McMahon gave his eighth speech entitled We need to talk about Tom. It was an unpredictable speech which grabbed the audience’s attention. What was going to come out of the box next?

Moira Beaton, Johanne Burns and Kevin Miller gave the first set of speech evaluations. Good recommendations were made which apply to any speaker. Practice, practice and practice some more before giving your speech; stand in front of the lectern; and try to incorporate unpredictability into your speech as this keeps the audience guessing and ensures their attention.


After the break two members gave their ninth speeches from the Competent Communicator Manual. Patrick Bundy’s was entitled A bounty of benefits and Aideen O’Malley’s was entitled An alien among you. Aideen told a very moving personal story about her oldest son’s experience of living with Asperger’s syndrome. Concluding the speech marathon was Frazer Candlish with a speech entitled Lake of Monteith from an advanced manual, The Entertaining Speaker.

The second set of speech evaluations were given by Max Ridder-Patrick, Graeme Buck and Paul Bailey. More good recommendations were made which apply to any speaker. Make the stage your own and move the lectern to a location suitable for you. The Toastmaster of the Evening and Sergeant at Arms can assist with this. This will help you to utilise the whole of the stage and make the most of the space available.

During Club Business, two new members were welcomed to the club, Andrew Grant and Petra Harsanyi.

And to conclude the evening, Immediate Past President Kevin Miller was presented with a certificate for distinguished service while serving as club president.




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