Club International Speech and Evaluation Contests on 19th March

Speechcontest_certThere’s a flurry of activity going on the club because the next meeting on 19th March is the club’s International Speech and Evaluation contests.

Graeme Buck, the  club’s SAA, has ordered the trophies, printed the certificates and bought the biscuits.

Aideen O’Malley, the club’s VPE is busy making sure that we have – contestants for both contests, a ‘genial host’ to chair each contest, enthusiastic members to act as timers and counters and impartial judges to choose the winners.

Now, all we need are members and guests in the audience to applaud loudly and encourage the contestants. Don’t miss it!

If you are new to speech contests, here are some common FAQ’s:

Who can compete in the International Speech Contest

Any  member in good standing who has completed 6 manual speeches.

Who can compete in the Evaluation Contest?

Any member in good standing (no 6 speech rule).

What happens at an evaluation contest?

A member, usually from another Toastmasters club, delivers a 5-7 minute general speech. The evaluation contestants leave the room; they have 5 minutes to write their evaluation and hand their notes to the contest SAA; when their name is called, they are given their evaluation notes; they walk to the ‘stage’ and deliver their 3 minute evaluation.

Who can be a judge?

Any member in good standing.

Who can be a Timer or Counter?

Any member in good standing.

What happens if  I win the club contest?

You go through to the next round – the Area 30 contest which, this year, takes place is in Edinburgh on Saturday 28th March.

What happens if I win the Area contest?

You go through to the Division S contest which, this year, is in Falkirk on Saturday 18th April.

What happens if I win the Division contest?

You compete at the District 71 contest at the D71 Conference which, this year, is in Nottingham from 15th to 17th May.

What happens if I win the D71 contest?

The winner of the  D71 evaluation contest goes home with a big grin, and a big shield they can display on their mantelpiece.

The winner of the  D71 International Speech contest goes to the International Speech Contest semi finals and World Championship of Public Speaking in the USA in August.

Making it to the finals is a huge achievement and everyone in District 71 will be cheering you on, not least your fellow members at Waverley.

Why compete?

Competing in a Toastmasters contest is not only one of the best and fastest ways to accelerate your speaking skills, it’s also good fun, boosts your confidence, and gives you a great sense of achievement once it’s over.

I want to take part.

If you want to take part, either as a contestant, or a role-player, please contact Aideen O’Malley at

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM

Member of Waverley Communicators

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