Waverley Communicators is a Select Distinguished Club

Selected DCP titleI am delighted to share Waverley Communicators recent designation as Select Distinguished Club, courtesy of the Distinguished Club Programme (DCP). This status is indeed as prestigious as it sounds 🙂 and signifies the club’s achievement of key goals mapped against the Toastmasters International criterion for a successful club.

The DCP is essentially a framework the club works within and serves as  a way for clubs to measure itself. The idea is that, quality clubs where members have a better experience and the club achieves more as a whole strive to tick off 10 key goals (aka a club success plan) within the year.  These goals can vary, but generally tend to fall under four main categories:

  • Education: ensure members progress through communication and competency manuals
  • Training: A minimum of four club officers trained during training periods
  • Membership: Increase members
  • Administration: On-time payment of membership dues.

Waverley Communicators achieved 8 out of the 10 goals which comes with the prestigious title of Select Distinguished Club, a shiny ribbon (pictured above) and bragging rights :).

“As a group motivated by individual goals to develop communication and leadership skills, and a shared goal to succeed in the DCP. Your club meet and exceed the objectives of the program. Your club truly exemplifies the Toastmasters International brand and mission, and all club members should be proud”.

Mohammed Murad, DTM International President

This recognition not only serves as a pat on the back but a reminder of the wider responsibilities of the club to members and for the sustainability of the Toastmasters International brand.

We are very proud of this achievement and will strive to meet the next set of targets. Waverley Communicators club has its members development at it’s core which makes for a much happier community. Indeed, turnout, every other Thursday is a good indication in my books, and take it from me it’s always busy around the biscuit table in our meeting 🙂

Of course, we couldn’t have achieved this without club officers; the people behind the scenes cookiespropelling the success of club members and Toastmasters International as a whole! – Thank you, you deserve extra tasty treats (*hint*) at our forthcoming meeting (29th October, at 28 York Place).


Well Done!


  1. A most refreshing and re-inspiring blog.
    As president during the year of said achievement I can testify to the commitment shown by members and committee members.
    It’s good news for the future of the club.
    Onwards and upwards!

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