New Year, New You

I hope you have had a thoroughly enjoyable festive break. “I feel I have over indulged in the name of Christmas and New year” I said to my sister. “I will do well to renew my interest in getting a 6-pack” I added with a “rolling-my-eyes” emoji as we both knew imagined fitness tends to be my choice of physical fitness regime. I promptly received a funny reply summing up what my new year resolution should be, ‘My fitness goal for 2016 is to… Accomplish the goals of 2015 which I should’ve done in 2014 because I promised them in 2013 and planned in 2012’.

It can be quite easy to set unrealistic goals and what better time to do it, than when we cruise into a new year still bloated with memories of good times. I was reminded that often small achievable steps tend to make a massive difference to ourselves and those around us in a short newsletter from the District Director Kevin Lee. He employed clubs and members to give a ‘priceless gift’ by undertaking small targets such as sharing the benefits of Toastmasters with friends, offering up their time and supporting club activities. The message echoed that of Edwin Newman, who had presented Waverley Communicators with the Select Distinguished Club ribbon for achievements within Toastmasters International and its commitment to club members.

Waverly Communicators has had an excellent 2015 culminating with being awarded the title of Select Distinguished Club. This year will hopefully bring more achievements and I certainly look forward to creative fun sessions ahead. I intend to reflect on my highs and lows of 2015 before completing my to-do list, my new year resolution has already changed to include mental fitness. Mental fitness will pose more of a challenge to me and no… I’m not saying this because my physical fitness efforts tends to look a lot like the chilled out cat above and therefore not as difficult as challenging my public speaking skills, but because Waverley Communicators club encompasses more than personal targets. It involves committing to the success of others through participation with the wider efforts of the club. So as I scroll through my incomplete to-do list for 2016 inspired by a new year, I highlighted my commitments to family, work and friends and added an asterisks reminding myself to make extra time for mental growth and a renewed commitment to personal development especially my membership responsibilities to Waverley Communicators.

Robert Burns SupperHave you decided what your new year resolution will be yet? Perhaps 2016 is the year to challenge your public speaking skills and socialise with a great community. Speaking of socialising, I would like to remind members of the upcoming Burns Supper organised by the club every year for members and friends. This is a great opportunity to experience Scottish culture and to find out a bit more about the life and work of a Scottish icon. For a truly Scottish experience in great company you have to come along! If you are unsure of how to secure your place, please contact one of the club’s officers on the Waverley Communicators portal for more information.

What is a Burns Supper?
A Burns Supper is a Scottish institution: a night to celebrate the life and works of the national Bard, Robert Burns, at the time of his birthday. It’s always a fun, entertaining evening, with plenty of opportunity to eat, socialise with fellow members, listen to some entertaining speeches and poems (and even songs?) and practise your public speaking skills (see below).

Venue:  King James Thistle Hotel, 107 Leith Street, Edinburgh EH1 3SW
Date : Saturday January 30th
Time: 7pm for meal sit-down at 7.15pm

The next Waverley Communicators club meeting is on this Thursday 7th January at the usual venue, 28th York Place, Edinburgh.

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