International Speech & Evaluation Contest: Meet our representatives

Toastmasters Area 30 Contest

I am delighted to announce that Waverley Communicators will be represented by two excellent speakers at this year’s International Speech & Evaluation Contest. Speech contests are a Toastmasters tradition, each year thousands of toastmasters compete in a variety of contests. For International Speech Contest, contestants present a five- to seven- minute speech on any subject they choose.

You may have spotted the beginning of the contest on our Facebook page, where a number of our members participated and delivered brilliant speeches. The winners of the internal competition, Wen Chen (Mosy) and Michael McLernan then went on to represent Waverley Communicators at area level (Area 30 International Speech and Evaluation contests). This was held at on Saturday 9 April at State Street Bank.

It is no surprise to us at Waverley Communicators that Mosy and Michael McLernan have made it so far and will be progressing to division level with their speeches after both coming second place at area level. Mossy and Michael are both relatively new speakers but their skills are undeniable and its a pleasure to share them with the wider Toastmasters community through these contests… (we want them back by the way 😀 ).

Congratulations to all contestants especially Mosy and Michael and best of luck at the forthcoming Division contest (Tron in Glasgow, 12 noon, Sunday 24 April)!


One comment

  1. Just found your blog, and wanted to say congratulations on keeping it going for so long! (I started in November 2011, so I know how much work’s involved.)

    You might be interested in some of my posts, such as Start strong – 3 gripping ways to open your talk.</em (As well as the rule of 3, that post also uses alliteration to make the message more memorable, and it includes some example opening lines to show more clearly how to apply the tip.)

    I’ve also written a critique of a popular TEDx talk on body language, and dozens of other relevant posts. (If you’ve any comments or suggestions about any of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.)

    Anyway, good luck in future contests!

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