We’re going to have the cake and EAT the cake!

We are very pleased to tell you that EAT (Edinburgh Advanced Toastmasters) club has chartered.

Chartering for a new club can be a long and at times daunting process, but thanks to everyone’s effort (the members, sponsoring club, and sponsors) that EAT has chartered.

Not only chartered but have consistently good attendance at meetings which are well-run, productive and enjoyable.” says Moira Beaton, DTM and EAT president. ”Thanks also to Waverley Communicators, our sponsoring club. Waverley generously supported the club for the first 3 months with the charter fee and room rental at York Place.”

Individual members from other Toastmasters clubs in Edinburgh (Capital Communicators, Haymarket Toastmasters, State Street Speakers) contributed to the success of the chartering process.


Below are some questions that may help you establish your way in to the EAT!

What type of a club is EAT and how can I join?

EAT is an advanced Toastmasters club. EAT (it) has been created for Advanced Toastmasters to further challenge themselves and develop not only as public speakers, but also as mentors and effective leaders. After completing your ten speeches from Competent Communicator manual and receiving Competent Communicator (CC) recognition, you can begin the Advanced Communication Series. These series consist of 15 manuals, that further focus on enancing your speaking skills.

Is it only opened for CC’s from Waverley Communicators?

You do not need to be a member of the Waverley Communicators club, but you need to be a member of another Toastmasters club in order to join EAT.

Where does the club meet and how frequent are the meetings?

The club holds montly meetings at State Street meeting room in Edinburgh.

Whom I can contact to join?

Speak to one of your CC’s at the next club meeting! Or email EAT President Moira Beaton at moirabeaton@gmail.com .


We can’t wait to see you EATing!

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