Different paths

At our latest meeting, a diversity of speeches helped to create a very enjoyable evening both for our members and our guests.

Although technically Irina Antonenko’s speech was her second one, she decided to move to the new Pathway education program, and she delivered her “icebreaker” entitled “It gets worse?”, from the “Motivational Strategies” path. She illustrated how the road to become an adult is difficult. After finishing her studies in maths, she started looking for a job, and she received an offer to work as legal secretary: this task, set in a fast-paced environment, revealed to be very formative, also because of the numerous tasks she had to regularly manage. After that, she was ready for her next move: to relocate to Edinburgh.

Here, she found a job in an IT company, which his helping her to learn what she really is. In addition to this, she started to come to Toastmasters because she thinks this type of environment will help her to find out new aspects of her personality.

Omar Martini has delivered his fourth speech, in the Competent Communication Manual, entitled “The road of life is paved with stories”. He talked about his passion for reading and stories, and how they had always been a part of him. He began quoting an episode of his childhood where probably everything started, then he continued to talk about his habit to regularly visit bookshops, something he has done in every city where he lived, and how all this helped him broaden his interests and choose the University he attended.

Finally, Jacek Lasota delivered something a little “unusual”, that is an unprepared speech. With the title “What is your Toastmaster plan”, he invited all the members to think if they have a plan in their Toastmaster commitment and, if not, to think about it. Every step in our lives as members of this association prepares us for what happens later. For example, to give an evaluation it is suggested to deliver at least three speeches, to see and learn how this process works. Or to participate in a contest, it is necessary to have delivered at least 6 speeches. Thus he urged us, especially in his new role as Vice President of Education, to take as many roles as possible and to think how we want to progress in our Toastmaster life.

An interesting mix of personal points of view which have made the evening a varied one and with something unexpected, too, which will make us wonder what we are going to see in our next meeting, on 26th July.

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