Today is the day…

Today is the day of our biweekly club meeting, when you deliver your prepared speech or you are called to participate in the table topic… so it is never too late to remember which are the 8 golden tips to help you cope with nervousness before presenting to an audience:

  1. Arrive early to the meeting room to get familiar with the space. If you plan to use technology or visual aids, you may find it helpful to practice with them before the meeting begins.
  2. Practice your speech and revise it until you can present it with ease.
  3. Concentrate on your breathing. You can ease your tension by doing breathing exercises that work for you.
  4. Visualize yourself giving a successful speech. Picture the audience applauding as you finish and return to your seat.
  5. Realize that audience members support your success. They aren’t there to judge you. They want to hear your message.
  6. Don’t call attention to your nervousness. If you don’t say anything about it, likely nobody will notice.
  7. Concentrate on the message you are communicating to your audience. Your nervous feelings will be reduced if you focus your attention away from your anxieties.
  8. Take every opportunity to speak. Experience builds confidence. Most beginning speakers find that they manage anxiety better after each speech they give.

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