Waverley Communicators End Year Dinner 2020

Red Star Wines Bar FlyerAs every year our club was organising an event summarising the whole Toastmaster year 2019/2020. This year, however, it was not possible to organise this evening in a comfortable restaurant and enjoy a great meal together.  We managed to create a great atmosphere and have a really great fun joining from the comfort of our homes.

This was the first ever virtual End Year meeting organised by our club on Zoom. We can only hope it will be the last one virtual end year dinner because as we embrace new technologies and virtual possibilities nothing will replace our traditional Toastmasters style meetings and interaction face to face.

Our year was really although the last three months were hard. We managed to maintain our membership level at 20 and we didn’t miss any meeting during the strict lockdown period. It was impressive how the club officers and members rose to the challenge to organise online meetings and adapt to it very quickly. Some people even started to appreciate the Pathways programme even more for its online accessibility.

We also have to mention that our club achieved 10 points in the Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program. This it the best results in the last three years.

We are definitely smarter, we are definitely more tech savvy now but also we learn how important is to be a part of this great club.

We organised our traditional Tall Tale contest with great speeches, there was a Fun quiz with funny and tricky questions. Some members delivered jokes and poems.

We are sure it is not the last online meeting and we see also that other clubs our following our steps and hang out online.

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