Waverley Communicators Meeting 29th November 2012

Well Christmas is almost upon us Toastmasters and that was evident with the council closing many of the key roads into Edinburgh for the Christmas lights being switched on.  Bah humbug!

This meant that our original Toastmaster was held up and Kevin Miller stepped in at the last minute to take up the gauntlet and what a fantastic job he did!

Kevin Miller gets to the point

Kevin Miller – Last Minute Toastmaster

The evening got off to a great start with the introduction of our role players then Kevin posed a challenging yet through provoking question “what have you learned since joining toastmasters?”

Feedback ranged from “what a comfortable environment it is to learn in” to “timing is everything!”.

There were 2 prepared speeches in this session.  The first speech was number 10 from the CC manual by Paul Bailey entitled “blind faith”. Paul’s speech was about the blind faith we put in the medical profession that can cause unnecessary worry and stress.  Paul gave a well researched and at times personal speech.

"Blind Faith"

“Blind Faith”

The objective of Paul’s speech was to “inspire the audience” – his speech was evaluated by Kevin McKay and as part of his evaluation Kevin asked for a show of hands from the audience if they felt that they had been inspired and the result was a resounding yes.  Mission accomplished! ( I loved this evaluation style!)

Our second speech of the evening was by Ross MacCallum.  Ross gave speech number 3 and his objective was to “get to the point”.  Ross gave a very informative speech about the marketing industry and used visual aids as part of what was, a well thought out and researched speech.

Ross was evaluated by Graeme Buck and Ross met his objectives for speech 3.

Club Business

Our President, Brian Duffy, handled club business commending Paul for completing his CC manual with speech ten.  He will now be officially registered with Toastmasters international as a competent communicator. Well done Paul!  Other notable business was our newest member Malcolm Kelly officially joined the club. Welcome Malcolm we look forward to your first speech! No pressure Malcolm!

Best table topic of the evening was awarded to Neil MacLure.  Well done Neil.

Until next time…

Kirsten McKenzie


Club Officer Training 2012

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

Five members of the club committee attended a 4 hour club officer training session in Glasgow yesterday. They were Brian Duffy, President; Stephen Dix VPE; Ritchie Brown VPM; David Dick Treasurer; and Moira Beaton VPPR.

Kevin Lee, Area 30 Governor and Waverley Communicators member produced a magnificent birthday cake during the break  for my birthday which was the day before. 

It was a feather-light sponge, layered with whipped cream and topped with kiwis, lychees, peaches and strawberries.  Thank you Kevin!

The training was organised by Southside Speakers in Glasgow and facilitated by Kevin as Area Governor.

All over the world, club officers meet twice yearly for training. 

It’s a good chance to also exchange ideas and information, catch up on Area and District news and meet fellow officers.

I had intended to take a group photograph of the Waverley Communicators team but in my excitement, I forgot.

So, here is a photograph of me cutting the cake with Area 30 club officers milling around in the background trying to pretend they are not really interested in the cake but after the break, there wasn’t a crumb left.

As I cut the cake and blew out the candles, everyone sang Happy Birthday.

This was recorded by Chris Copeland of Glasgow Toastmasters who has promised to send me the recording.  But, don’t worry, I won’t upload it in another blog post.

After the training, Brian kindly gave Ritchie, David and me a lift back to Edinburgh.

A torrential downpour met us on the M8 and lightning, crackling directly overhead, followed the car for several miles.

We were all very relived to reach Edinburgh where we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine.