Happy New Year Waverley Communicators

Post written by Johanne Burns, Member

Happy New Year Waverley Communicators!

The first meeting of 2012 got off to a very good start with lots of visitors attending and a new member signed up. Toastmaster for the evening was Kirsten McKenzie who started with topical introductions on the subject of New Year’s resolutions. Continue reading

And the winner is…

Post written by Johanne Burns, Member

On the 20th of October, Duncan was our genial Toastmaster for the Evening, welcoming everyone to the meeting.

As Joke Master Graeme told a joke about the aptly named “Mr Wolfberg”, a surname that proved to be unfortunate or fortunate depending on the situation…

Guests were asked to introduce themselves and answer the question, what invention could you not live without?  A variety of answers were received including mobile phones, alarm clocks and a toothbrush!

The evening’s speeches were two impressive icebreakers. Continue reading

Hot on the heels of our newsletter – Waverley Communicator’s blog is back!

Post written by Johanne Burns, Member

Strictly, the X-Factor

Last Thursday night the judges were not interested in the contestants singing abilities, or how well they could dance the Cha-Cha-Cha. The judges were listening to the speaking abilities of the contestants in the Waverley Communicators humorous speech and table topics contests.

The humorous speech contest began the evening, with Kirsten amusing the audience with her story of setting off a fire alarm in a hotel following one too many drinks, with all the guests being evacuated outside into the rain. Continue reading

Toastmasters, Trophies and Tall Tales

This may be a longer post than usual as we have been up to all sorts recently, so brace yourselves!

Club Meeting

The meeting on Thursday, 16th June was of the usual high standard with 18 members and 8 guests.  Duncan Thompson was the TME and he managed the meeting with good Toastmaster skills and humour.  His introductory question, ‘What is your favourite holiday destination? elicited responses from Antarctica to the Scottish Highlands, via Hawaii, Colorado, Vancouver and New York. Continue reading