Granddads, Golf and Not Giving In

A wise old owl sat in an oak, The more he heard the less he spoke, The less he spoke the more he heard, Why aren’t we like the wise old bird?

The meeting last Thursday got off to a good start under the direction of Kirsten McKenzie, the TME.  Kirsten asked, ‘If you could fire anyone, who would you fire?’  The list of people in the firing line included ‘my boss’, Sepp Blatter, Alan Sugar and the head of the IMF.  The person most people wanted to fire, however, was David Cameron. Continue reading

Midges, Mozart and AGM’s

Club member David Calder (middle) snapped by his wife Penny, delivering another IceBreaker?

15 members and 10 guests attended the club last Thursday.  Stephen Dix was the TME and managed the meeting with a calm assurance which was just as well as, besides having 3 manual speeches, we also conducted the club’s AGM and officer elections for 2011-2012.  Each committee member delivered a 2 minute presentation on what they had done in their committee role throughgout the past year.  The election for club officers went smoothly and all the positions were filled – I will send out the new committee list, to members, in the next few days, by email. Continue reading

Toastmasters, weddings and cheeky squirrels

Bute House at Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Sco...

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As usual, the meeting last Thursday was another cornucopia of ideas, information and good fun.  The TME, Graeme Buck, started off with a brief explanation, for the guests, of the founding of  Toastmasters, the aims of  Toastmasters clubs and the benefits you can expect to receive when you join.  Graeme introductory question was, ‘If you were either the First Minister or the Prime Minister, what would be the most enjoable part of the job for you?’    Continue reading

Taking the first step on the Toastmaster journey

Andrew Newman, Barbara Otibu, Kosi Segbedzi

Joining Toastmasters is like embarking on a journey. It can as short or as long as you like. Some members join, stay till they get their CC then leave. Others join,  and never leave.  Whatever your motive for joining, the journey always begins with the IceBreaker, the speech where you introduce yourself to the club and where your speaking strengths and areas for improvement are identified.  Continue reading

Poker, Peanuts and Micky Mouse

Last Thursday, TME Graeme Buck started off the meeting by saying  ‘In Toastmasters, no-one is labelled a “poor speaker” but an “improving speaker” ‘.   The TME sets the tone of the meetings and with these encouraging words, Graeme began the evening on a very positive note.  He added to the existing energy with the question ‘what is your ideal job?’.  There was no hesitation as members and guests revealed that their ideal occupations ranged from ‘stroking vicunas’ to ‘becoming a secret millionaire’.  Food and travel featured frequently as well as getting out into the fresh air, walking and playing golf.  Continue reading