Guest Book

At every meeting, we ask our guests what they enjoyed about the meeting.  Here is what they are saying:

” A very interesting and relaxed way to improve public speaking. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“The different levels in the group. To see the different stages of beginners is encouraging, and the levels of the better speakers is inspiring. Loved the constant humour as well.”

Everyone was really friendly. It was easy to see how the roles / speeches would develop your public speaking skills.”

 “I feel I am welcomed, and the club members are really nice people. I learned a lot today.”

” Feedback from the members was well thought out and structured, very useful. Enthusiasm from speakers.”

 “Relaxed nature of the group. Everyone seems to be supportive of each other. Very professional.”

 “The encouraging environment and how the structure promotes learning.”

 “The variety of roles involving speaking.  An explanation of every part of the meeting.”

Interesting talks, I can see how the format develops skills / people friendly.”

 “Everyone has attention and interest in others which gives confidence to try improving yourself.”

 “The informality but with a definite structure.”

 “Watching everyone and learning from them. Evaluation brings everything together.”

Structure, welcoming atmosphere, organisation.”

 “The opportunity to learn from other speakers.”

 “Constructive feedback.”

 “Everyone was friendly with a sense of humour.”

 “Very professional, friendly and impressive.”

 “Very organised, established, with many enthusiastic people.”

 “Interesting, enjoyable and educational. Members are very welcoming and friendly.”

The constructive organisation, the schedule, the valuable evaluations.”

 “The welcoming vibe, opportunity to see how TM works in a different club.”

 “Hearing the excellent speeches.”

 “The formality and informality of it !”

 “Friendly and relaxed, and yet also professional”