Club Officers


The executive committee of a Toastmasters club consists of seven elected club officers, the Immediate Past President, and a Mentoring Co-Ordinator. However, in Waverly Communicators, we are fortunate to also have non executive members who are equally invested in the management of the club’s administrative affairs bringing our numbers up to a solid 10.

Meet the club officers of  Waverley Communicators 2017-2018:

Jacek Lasota CC – President 

The President is the CEO of the club and is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the club. The President chairs the committee meetings; provides helpful, supportive leadership; and is the club’s representative at District and International level.


Toastmasters InternationalJohanne Burns – Vice President Education

The VPE is responsible for planning, organising and directing club meetings and programmes; scheduling speeches and roles; and monitoring member progress.


Toastmasters InternationalMoira Beaton DTM – Vice President Membership

The VPM ensures individual member retention; makes guests feel welcome and provides them with the information they need to join.


Anna-Maria Maciejuk CC – Vice President Public Relations

The VPPR publicises the club and its activities to members and to the outside world; updates the blog; promotes club events; and safeguards the Toastmasters brand.

 I joined Waverley Communication in 2013.


Tomasz Stupnicki – Treasurer

The Treasurer manages the club’s funds and bank account; submits members’ dues to TMI headquarters; and keeps up-to-date records of the club’s finances.



OT Oliver Tidman – Secretary

The Secretary manages the club’s records and files; takes the minutes at committee meetings; and has custody of the club’s charter, constitution and byelaws.

Oliver Joined Toasmtaster’s in September 2016 with an aim to become confident in conducting law lectures and running meetings as Chair of Chessels Court Area Association.

‘In Waverley everyone in the club does their best to help each other improve their public speaking, and the surprising aspect was how multicultural the membership is.’

Fun fact about Oliver: ‘In no particular order: I enjoy playing football, squash, saxophone and spending time with my family!’


Eileen Scott CC CL – Sargent At Arms

The SAA is responsible for the management of the club’s property, meeting room preparation and hospitality.



PB.pngPaul Bailey CC CL – Mentoring Co-Ordinator

The Mentoring Co-Ordinator is a non-executive member of the committee and is responsible for matching mentors with mentees and managing the club’s mentoring process.

Paul is a member since 24th of July 2010. He joined as he wanted to be confident in running meetings as President of East of Scotland Cricket Association.

‘Waverley Communicators is a really friendly club, and the surprising aspect is the use of an ah-counter.’

Fun fact about Paul: ‘I enjoy mowing lawns, risk-free matched-betting & cuddling Cheryl Cole (in my dreams!).’


Kevin Miller CC CL–  Immediate Past President
The Immediate Past President is a non-executive member of the committee; their role is to advise the current President.