Club Officers

The executive committee of a Toastmasters club consists of seven elected club officers, the Immediate Past President, and a Mentoring Co-Ordinator. However, in Waverly Communicators, we are fortunate to also have non executive members who are equally invested in the management of the club’s administrative affairs bringing our numbers up to a solid 10.

Meet the club officers of  Waverley Communicators 2017-2018:

CaptureJacek Lasota ACS, ALB – President 

The President is the CEO of the club and is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the club. The President chairs the committee meetings; provides helpful, supportive leadership; and is the club’s representative at District and International level.


img_8747.jpgJohanne Burns – Vice President Education

The VPE is responsible for planning, organising and directing club meetings and programmes; scheduling speeches and roles; and monitoring member progress.

Prior to joining Toastmaster’s, in April 2011, Johanne  completed a public speaking course through the University of Edinburgh evening class and wanted to continue using the skills she had gained and increase skills and experience.

Most surprising and challenging were Table Topics. Quite a skill to give a structured speech in two minutes on unknown topic!

Fun fact: I love handbags – especially high street designer!


Moiraheadshot.jpgMoira Beaton DTM – Vice President Membership

The VPM ensures individual member retention; makes guests feel welcome and provides them with the information they need to join.

Moira joined Toastmasters in 2004 to help her speak in court (as a lawyer). She has been a member of 3 different clubs, served in every officer role except Treasurer, was Area 30 Governor, and in 2016-17 was the District 71 Administration Manager. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster, Pathways Guide and President of Edinburgh Advanced Toastmasters (EAT).

Fun (?) fact: Moira lived in the Middle East and Cyprus for 25 years, has been stung by poisonous scorpions three times and survived to tell the tale (usually at Toastmasters).



Anna-Maria Maciejuk CC – Vice President Public Relations

The VPPR publicises the club and its activities to members and to the outside world; updates the blog; promotes club events; and safeguards the Toastmasters brand.

Anna-Maria went for her first Toastmaster’s meeting at Waverley communicators in January 2013. Although increasing confidence in public speaking wasn’t the very first thing on her ‘New Year – New Thing’ list, she joined the club straight away as she was very impressed with the quality of the meeting and the community of people who were enthusiastic about facing their fears of public speaking.

I was very surprised how much space for other words or silence you can create when reducing all the ums and ahs from your speech! Waverley Communicators is a vivid community of non-professional public speakers that I am coming back to with a huge smile on my face every fortnight.

Fun fact about Anna-Maria: I like to challenge myself in every aspect of my life, and if I am helping with it someone, that’s even better! You can see me running around Edinburgh in early mornings or after work.


Neil MacLure – Treasurer

The Treasurer manages the club’s funds and bank account; submits members’ dues to TMI headquarters; and keeps up-to-date records of the club’s finances.

 ‘I joined Toastmasters in 2000  – and I’m still here. A bit sad? Perhaps! Unless you consider the satisfaction I get in seeing and helping others get better and better through the club experience.’

Neil is a Pathways Ambassador and Treasurer of Edinburgh Advanced Toastmasters (EAT)

Fun fact about Neil: Neil is a Personal Highland Piper.


Omar_Martini2 Omar Martini – Secretary

The Secretary manages the club’s records and files; takes the minutes at committee meetings; and has custody of the club’s charter, constitution and byelaws.

Omar heard about Toastmasters through an Italian-Australian newsletter while he was in Italy, organising their relocation to Edinburgh, and decided that it was worth a try.

I thought the atmosphere was wonderful, and the format was great not only for public speaking, but also to organize speeches in general – either written or oral – and to improve one’s communication skills.

Fun fact about Omar:  ‘I have been always fascinated by stories, and I am unable to say ‘no’ to any book, movie, graphic novel or whatever form the storytelling will embody in the future!’



Eileen Scott ACB, ALB – Seargent At Arms

The SAA is responsible for the management of the club’s property, meeting room preparation and hospitality.

 Eileen joined Toastmasters in May 2009 ‘I came to the second meeting of Waverley Communicators and haven’t left.’

Toastmasters has transformed public speaking for me, from something to be dreaded and avoided to fun and energising.

Fun fact about Eileen: I’m owned by three Norwegian Forest Cats, but was only ever meant to have one.


 PB.pngPaul Bailey ACS CL – Mentoring Co-Ordinator

The Mentoring Co-Ordinator is a non-executive member of the committee and is responsible for matching mentors with mentees and managing the club’s mentoring process.

Paul is a member since 24th of July 2010. He joined as he wanted to be confident in running meetings as President of East of Scotland Cricket Association.

‘Waverley Communicators is a really friendly club, and the surprising aspect is the use of an ah-counter.’

Fun fact about Paul: ‘I enjoy mowing lawns, risk-free matched-betting & cuddling Cheryl Cole (in my dreams!).’


KevinKevin Miller CC –  Immediate Past President
The Immediate Past President is a non-executive member of the committee; their role is to advise the current President.

Kevin joined Toastmasters to improve his public speaking and communication skills.

It’s been the most effective thing I ever did to improve those abilities. I’m very grateful to it and to all the wonderful members of our club. The thing that surprised me the most at meetings was how much my feeling towards attending changed, from trepidation at the start to really enjoying it.

Fun fact about Kevin: I enjoy poker, piano and single malt whisky. The last two mix in limited quantities, the former does not.