Typical Meeting

At Waverley Communicators we welcome guests, and as the format may be different to any other meeting you have attended, here is some information to help you enjoy it more.

During the Meeting

Prepared speeches are only one aspect of the Toastmasters experience. Meeting roles encourage our members to practise and learn different skills and to build confidence in many areas of communication and leadership.  The roles are:

Toastmaster of the Evening (TME): a congenial host, the TME ensures that the meeting runs smoothly and to time.

Table Topics Master (TTM): gives members random topics to speak on for up to 2 minutes that encourages them to think and speak “on their feet” and improve their impromptu speaking.

‘Ah’ Counter: helps members eliminate distracting crutch words and sounds such as “er” and “um” , “you know” etc.

Timer: helps to keep the meeting organised and running to schedule.

Wordmaster/Grammarian: The Wordmaster evaluates members on their use of English. They mainly looking out for vivid, descriptive language and rhetorical devices. They also comment on bad grammar, clichés and too much jargon. The Grammarian introduces a word of the day that members are encouraged to use.

Invocator/Jokemaster: either gives a short uplifting speech or tells a joke.                              

Speech Evaluators: evaluate the prepared speeches – peer evaluation to highlight existing strong points and give suggestions for improvement.

Table Topics Evaluator: evaluates the individual Table Topics, highlights existing strong point and gives suggestions for improvement.

General Evaluator: evaluates the evaluators, the role-players, and the TME

Please learn more about Toastmasters meetings: