Waverley Communicators Has Moved!

Welcome to Waverley Communicators new meeting place – Old St Paul’s Church, Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh.

Waverley Communicators Club Meeting

You can find a full set of directions to the new venue on the ‘Meetings’ page.

Waverley Communicators Club Meeting

We held our first club meeting here last Thursday, 4th October.

The new room is more spacious than the one in the Central Library where we used to meet; the accoustics are good although you may have to project your voice more which is no bad thing if you’re a speaker; it’s self-contained; we have our own key; and, very important, we are in charge of the tea facilities with a kitchen and a large urn. What more could you ask for?

We now have space for a bigger signing in table and members will be on hand to greet guests and ‘buddy’ them throughout the meeting, if they wish. 

I have set up an information table with a complete set of Advanced Manuals and complete sets of the Club Success Series and the Leadership Excellence Series.   

Have a look at the 15 advanced manuals, especially if you are at CC8 and above,and be prepared for the next stage on your speaking  journey as TMI send you 2 advanced manuals free of charge when you complete your CC.

If you would like to deliver an education session, especially if you need this for your Advanced Leader Bronze Award,speak to our VPE, Stephen Dix.

There are also Toastmaster magzines for guests to take away and keep or pass on and membership forms if they would like to join.   

The meeting itself was lively with many members and guests ably led by the TME, Brian Duffy

During club business we voted in 2 new members and welcomed into the Waverley Communicators community Patrick Bundy and Fiona Savage.

Andrew Newman who gave us A Great Farewell (CC3).  This was Andrew’s last speech to the club before he returns home to South Africa. Andrew was a member of  the club for nearly 2 years and during that time he entertained and moved us with his speeches and poems, his good humour and his smile.  Kirsten McKenzie evaluated Andrew’s speech.

Kevin Miller asked What’s Your Gut Feeling? in a CC8 speech and took us, in an illustrated talk, on his  journey to try to solve his digestive problems. Kevin is 4 months into his new regime and we’re hoping he will be back with another speech in 8 months time with the result.  Louise Kirk evaluated Kevin’s speech.

Paul Bailey was the third speaker with a CC9 speech Watch Your Gut Feeling? Paul tried to persuade to to forego wellknown branded foods and try out the lesser known foods, same quality for half the price, from a very large supermarket outside Edinburgh. We don’t advertise on this site so I can’t give you the name but there is only one in Edinburgh and it begins with A and ends with i. To emphasise his point Paul brought in samples for the break. There was hardly a crumb of Irish Whiskey Cake or a sliver of  mint or orange chocolate left. Neil MacLure evaluated Paul’s speech.

Time For A Break

After the break, Duncan Thompson exercised our creative muscles with the question – Why should you receive the Nobel Prize for………..no, not science or medicine or even literature but other worthy pursuits.

Eileen Scott made a plea for a prize for Tap Dancing; Moira Beaton highlighted the advantages of having A Magnetic Personality; Patrick Bundy enthused about Window Washing; and Fiona Savage reminisced about the joys of Knitting.

Ritchie Brown evaluated the Table Topics and awarded the ribbon for Best Table Topics to Ross McCallum for his inspiring speech on Pencil Shapening. Congratulations Ross!

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on Thursday 18th October at Old St Paul’s.

Waverley Communicators Club Meeting

The committee likes feedback so we can continue to improve the club. If you have any comments, especially on the new venue, please leave them in the box below.

Post written by Moira Beaton, DTM, Vice President Public Relations

Waveley Communicators Update


Waverley Communicators is now on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WaverleyCommunicators

If you are a Facebook member, please ‘Like’ the club’s page either in Facebook or by clicking on the link at the side of this page.  


The club is also on Wikipedia, although we do not have our own page.  After designing a page for the club and uploading it, someone came along and edited it and linked it to Toastmasters International.

If you search for the club on Wikipedia, don’t be surprised when you are taken to TMI’s page instead.  However, all is not lost as, at least, it gives the club extra exposure. 


I have added two new pages to the website – you can see them in the links at the top of every page.

One page is a Guest Book. This shows some of the comments that guests leave in their feedback forms at the end of every meeting. 

The comments are all favourable and the most used word to describe the club is ‘friendly’. Others are ‘professional’, ‘relaxed’, ‘encouraging’, ‘educational’, and ‘humour’.  

One guest likes ‘the formality and the informality’ of the meetings.  it may sound slightly confused but we know what they mean!


The other new page is the Member Survey our then VPM, Stephen Dix, carried out in April this year. 70% of the members responded and the members were either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with all aspects of the club.

There were one or two comments about possible improvements and the committee have taken note and are addressing them.

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

Club Officer Training 2012

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

Five members of the club committee attended a 4 hour club officer training session in Glasgow yesterday. They were Brian Duffy, President; Stephen Dix VPE; Ritchie Brown VPM; David Dick Treasurer; and Moira Beaton VPPR.

Kevin Lee, Area 30 Governor and Waverley Communicators member produced a magnificent birthday cake during the break  for my birthday which was the day before. 

It was a feather-light sponge, layered with whipped cream and topped with kiwis, lychees, peaches and strawberries.  Thank you Kevin!

The training was organised by Southside Speakers in Glasgow and facilitated by Kevin as Area Governor.

All over the world, club officers meet twice yearly for training. 

It’s a good chance to also exchange ideas and information, catch up on Area and District news and meet fellow officers.

I had intended to take a group photograph of the Waverley Communicators team but in my excitement, I forgot.

So, here is a photograph of me cutting the cake with Area 30 club officers milling around in the background trying to pretend they are not really interested in the cake but after the break, there wasn’t a crumb left.

As I cut the cake and blew out the candles, everyone sang Happy Birthday.

This was recorded by Chris Copeland of Glasgow Toastmasters who has promised to send me the recording.  But, don’t worry, I won’t upload it in another blog post.

After the training, Brian kindly gave Ritchie, David and me a lift back to Edinburgh.

A torrential downpour met us on the M8 and lightning, crackling directly overhead, followed the car for several miles.

We were all very relived to reach Edinburgh where we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine.

Video – Moving And Speaking

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, Vice President Public Relations

To Move or Not To Move, That Is The Question

Darren La Croix was the winner of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest in 2001.  I have listened to many of  his videos and also have some of  his material. 

He explains things in a clear, simple way and he’s funny.  He also makes his video tips short and succinct.

Here is one of Darren’s videos that dropped into my email Inbox a few days ago.

It’s one of the best explanations I have seen of when to move, how to move and how to elegantly  transition from one point to another. 

He also illustrates his points with clips from his winning speech – all this in 4 mins. 22 secs.

If you find this useful (or not), leave a comment.

Club Meeting 12th July 2012

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM – VPPR Waverley Communicators

public speaking, speaking, speeches, training, Edinburgh, Toastmasters, Toastmasters International, Waverley Communicators, leadership, soft skills

Eileen and Stephen discussing the new banner?

What one great thing would you dare to dream, if you knew you could never fail?

Our members and guests wanted to, amongst other things, climb the north face of the Eiger, swim round the world and play golf with Tiger Woods – and beat him!  

public speaking, speaking, speeches, training, Edinburgh, Toastmasters, Toastmasters International, Waverley Communicators, leadership, soft skills

CLaire Dipnarine – Timer

Claire Dipnarine is our newest member and on Thursday she took on the Timer role for the first time. In fact, it was her first role ever. Well done, Claire!

Kevin Miller literally stepped in at the last minutes as Ah Counter (thank you, Kevin)

Paul Bailey was the Wordmaster/Grammarian with ‘kibosh’ and ‘scupper’ as his word (s) of the day. 

With the Humorous Speech Contest coming up in September, being the Jokemaster can help you practise pacing, pausing and punchlines. 

Ritchie Brown was the Jokemaster on Thursday and told a very funny joke involving cats. Why do cats always make us laugh?    

Richard McMahon was the first speaker.

Richard attended his first TM meeting in The Hague in 2009.  But it wasn’t until 2011 that he finally took the plunge and joined the organisation. He is now a member of Waverley Communicators Richard joined “to take on the challenge and gain the knowledge and skills to be able to give good speeches”. On Thursday, he delivered his CC3 – What A Price For A Cup Of Tea (evaluated by Graeme Buck). 

Kevin Lee was the second speaker. 

Kevin Joined Waverley Communicators this year after an ‘on-off relationship with Toastmasters since 1999’ and being a member of 4 different clubs in Malaysia and the UK.  He is this year’s Area 30 Governor.  Kevin is an advanced speaker and his speech was from the Speciality Speeches manual –Fantasised Events Appearing Real (evaluated by Neil MacLure). 

The third speaker was Stephen Dix, the club’s newly elected VPE. Stephen delivered an education session from The Successful Club Series about TMI’s education programme – Enjoyment, Entertainment and Education which just about sums up the club’s meetings. 

Rob Giddings from Haymarket Toastmasters was the Table Topics Master and Eileen Scott evaluated the speakers in a record breaking 3 minutes! 

public speaking, speaking, speeches, training, Edinburgh, Toastmasters, Toastmasters International, Waverley Communicators, leadership, soft skills

Brian Duffy, Club President

Brian Duffy, the new Club President, was the General Evaluator and gave a round up evaluation of the whole evening.

I was the Toastmaster of the Evening and even managed to snap a few photos during the interval and at the end of the meeting.  Thank you to everyone who posed and allowed me to take their photo and gave permission to publish them on the blog.