Video (Humorous Speech): Pay Attention

The secret to humour is surprise.


See how John Zimmer uses the element of surprise in his hilarious winning speech ‘Pay Attention’, at the District 59 Humorous Speech Final in Germany in 2008.

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM

VPPR Waverley Communicators

Which Website Do I Use? Demystifying The Toastmaster Websites

A comment on the recent members’ survey indicated that members are sometimes confused by the different  Toastmaster websites they are being asked to use.

So, I thought I would explain what they are; how to access them; and why they are useful.

The comment also stated that the member was becoming confused with ‘all the login details’ and can’t there be just one username and password for all?’

Only two of the sites are password protected, and you cannot use the same login as they are  generated from different places and are not connected. (login details needed)

Think of this site as the club’s Head Office.

This site is the World Headquarters of Toastmasters International in the USA from where your manuals, awards and Toastmaster magazine are sent..

Here you can find information about the Toastmasters organisation; find resources for public speaking and leadership; change your contact details; buy Toastmaster items from the online shop; access back copies of the Toastmaster magazine; and, if you are a club officer access details of the club.

When you joined Toastmasters International, they emailed you a username and password. If you have forgotten either, go to the site, click ‘log in’ then either ‘reset/retrieve your username’ or ‘reset your password’. (login details needed)

Think of this site as the club’s UK ‘admin office’.

It’s the website of Toastmasters District 71(encompassing all the clubs in UK and Ireland). Waverley Communicators is part of District 71.

When you join Waverley Communicators, the VPM will register you with the site. The site will email you with your username and password.

We advise members to log in, click on ‘Profile’ and change your password; make sure your details are correct; check your visibility settings.

Here you can find out information about meetings, see the agenda, accept/decline roles and speech slots,; confirm your attendance/non attendance at the next meeting; set your communication and leadership goals; view your speech and/or leadership progress; send emails to other members of your club; send emails to anyone who is a member of a club in District 71; find out about other Toastmasters clubs and events in the UK and Ireland.

If you have forgotten either your password or username, click on ‘login’, then you can either ‘search for your username’ or click on ‘I have forgotten my password’ and a new one will be sent to you from the site. (you do not need login details for this site)

Think of this site as the club’s ‘home’.

This is Waverley Communicators own website, set up, managed and updated by the club’s VPPR.

It’s also the club’s ‘shop window’ with information about the club, the committee, directions to the meetings, and information about the Toastmasters organisation in general and Waverley Communicators, in particular.

The club’s blog (this blog) is also on the site and is aimed at the members.

It’s like an online newsletter and updates members with news about the club; upcoming events’ recent events; useful information (like this post!); interviews with members; speaking tips; and anything else that may be of interest to members or is useful for your progress through Toastmasters.

I encourage members to ‘follow’ the blog and have the posts delivered straight to your inbox when they are published. That way, you can keep up to date with news as it happens.

These are the 3 main Toastmaster sites that the members use.

Post written by Moira Beaton DTM, VPPR

Contest Journey

Club Contest

On Thursday 21st March 2013, eight members of  Waverley Communicators (Kevin McKay, Pauline Dix, Stephen Dix, Moira Beaton, AJ Cullen, Eileen Scott, Aideen O’Malley, and Graeme Buck) stepped up to the mark and took part in the club’s International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

Participating in a contest can be a nerve tingling experience, but also a richly rewarding one.  It’s a great way to hone your speech delivery.

All the contestants did themselves proud in front of an appreciative audience.  There were astute evaluations and splendid speeches.

The proceedings were conducted in a warm and harmonious spirit with Kevin Miller at the helm as Contest Chair.

Pauline Dix - Winner of International Speech Contest and Brian Duffy, President Waverley Communicators

Pauline Dix – Winner of Waverley’s International Speech Contest

The Club Contest winners were Pauline Dix and Moira Beaton (seen below with Brian Duffy, Club President) who went forward to represent Waverley Communicators at the Area 30 Contest, hosted by our club on Saturday 13th April.

Moira Beaton - Winner of Waverley's Evaluation Contest

Moira Beaton – Winner of Waverley’s Evaluation Contest

Area 30 Contest

The event buzzed with excitement with over 45 attendees from the nine Toastmasters clubs across the central belt.

The contests were chaired by Waverley Communicator’s Eileen Scott (seen in the centre of  the picture below – no certificate but she did receive a nice box of chocolates later!), with the judging panel led by Jim Boyd from Linlithgow Speakers.

The organisation and leadership skills of Waverley Communicators members came to the fore, and the positive feedback received showed how much the contestants and the audience appreciated the hospitality shown.

It took a fantastic team effort to stage such a wonderful event – well done to all!

Area 30 Contest - International Speech Contestants

Area 30 Contest – International Speech Contestants

James Reeve (the man in the kilt) from Capital Communicators won the Area 30 International Speech Contest with a great speech called ‘Homogeneity’.

Our contestant Pauline Dix (to the right of Eileen and the banner) did the club proud.

Moira Beaton was a worthy winner of the Area 30 Evaluation Speech Contest, much to the delight of the Waverley Communicators members in the audience.

Moira was awarded a glistening glamorous glass trophy for an insightful and motivational evaluation.

Area 30 Contest - Moira Beaton, Winner Evaluation Contest and Kevin Lee, Area 30 Governor

Area 30 Contest – Moira Beaton, Winner Evaluation Contest and Kevin Lee, Area 30 Governor

And the journey continued….

Moira, James and a train load of well-wishing revellers from Waverley and other clubs in Area 30, travelled down to the Division E Contest in York on Sunday 28th April.

The Scots at the Division E Contest, York

The Scots at the Division E Contest, York

Division E Contest, York - Moira posing next to our club banner.

Division E Contest, York – Moira posing next to our club banner.

Moira and James are both accomplished speakers and delivered speeches to a very high standard.

There was much anticipation and encouragement for all the contestants from a 70 strong contingent of attendees.

On this occasion the winners were from Midlands/North of England clubs with Tina Swami and Gillian Caldicott progressing to the UK & Ireland District Conference, 10-12 May in Torquay.

The winner of the District International Speech Contest then goes all the way to Cincinnati, USA!!

What a journey!  It highlights the opportunities that Toastmasters provides, whether as a contestant, as an organiser, as a Contest Chair, as a role player, and as a member of the audience learning from and supporting others.

Toastmasters is a fantastic organisation to be part of, come along and see how our club can help you to develop, and give you the support to enable you to reach your full potential.

Post written by Brian Duffy, CC – President Waverley Communicators