Toastmasters International

What is Toastmasters International (TI)?

In 1924, in Santa Ana, California, Ralph C Smedley founded the first Toastmasters club as a way to teach public speaking skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

Toastmasters International has approximately 16,400 clubs with over 352,000 members in 141 countries.

Toastmasters International is structured around its members who are at the top of the TMI organisational chart.

A Toastmasters meeting is a ‘learn-by-doing workshop’ where members practise and improve their speaking and leadership skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

One of the most effective ways of improving your skills is by peer evaluation and everything in a Toastmasters meeting is evaluated by the members.

Members learn presentation and leadership skills through PATHWAYS, Toastmasters new education programme.

You work at your own pace; there is no pressure to go faster or slower; no exams to sit; no assessments to hand in – just honest, valuable feedback.

Waverley Communicators is one of the thousands of clubs in the Toastmasters International (TI) organisation.

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